Beginning Seed Saving for the Home Gardener

Beginning Seed Saving for the Home Gardener

James Ulager


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  • Author is a medical doctor who applies his scientific training and understanding of biology to his hobby of seed saving
  • Discusses methods for saving seeds in the home garden
  • Differs from other books on seed saving because it is written by a home seed saver for home seed savers
  • Specifically for the beginning seed saver
  • Requirements and limitations for home seed saving are very different to commercial seed saving
  • Includes techniques suitable to address the unique challenges faced by small scale growers such as gene pool and seed purity
  • Suitable for home gardeners who want to grow small amounts of a variety of plants
  • Easy methods for optimal seed saving for first time seed saver
  • Explains vegetative versus sexual propagation
  • Introduction to botany and sexual anatomy
  • Inbreeding versus outbreeding
  • Covers
    • Flowers
    • Legumes: Peas and Beans
    • Lettuce (applicable to cilantro and parsley)
    • Tomatoes and Peppers
    • Squash family, spinach and easy biennials
  • More advance methods include corn, carrots and parsnips and the cabbage family

Gardeners, homesteaders, urban farmers, community gardeners and garden educators


  • Interest in saving seed in Canada is gaining momentum. In 2014, the founder of Salt Spring Seeds estimated that tens of thousands of Canadians are saving their own seeds and predicted this would grow into a gardening revolution.
  • In February of this year, The National Famer's Union launched a campaign for a farmer friendly seed saving law.
  • Regional Interest: Atlantic provinces, Ontario, Quebec and BC